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08. June 2020

The Taylor-Burton

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A diamond that was in the spotlight – like its eponymous owners.
Daylight first struck the 240.80 carat rough diamond in 1966 when it was found in the Premier Mine in South Africa. In New York, after 6 months of intensive planning, Pastor Colon, the master who understood his craft so well, managed to split the diamond in two parts, 78 and 162 carats without loss of quality.
On October 23, 1969, after a short stay with the wife of an American ambassador in London, the diamond had its most significant appearance. It was auctioned in New York with great sensation and caused uproar in the hall as the hammer fell. However, contrary to all media speculation, Elizabeth Taylor did not bid. Al Yugler, who represented Richard Burton during bidding, dropped out at $1,000,000 and failed to secure the diamond that Burton wanted at all costs.

The Taylor-Burton bid fell to Cartier’s owner for $1,050,000.
Richard Burton then called him to negotiate again for the diamond. Ultimately, he was able to purchase it as a gift for Elizabeth Taylor, on the condition that Cartier would still exhibit it in New York and Chicago.
When the marriage of Liz Taylor and Richard Burton ended, the diamond was reauctioned and passed into the hands of the jeweler Henry Lambert in June of 1979 for $5 million. In December of the same year, it had been sold and bought by Robert Mouawad, who still owns it today.
Liz Taylor caused a sensation when she wore the pear cut diamond for Grace Kelly’s 40th birthday in Monaco.

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