Queen for a Day

113.33 cts Diamonds – All specifications

Queen for a Day

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  • Certified: GIA certificate (0.5 carats and above) and BLESQ certificate.
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Unique – from the moment they are conceived.

Once upon a time, there was a Queen who enjoyed nature, simple things and beauty with all her heart. Like all busy Queens, she had a very normal daily life, running after her kids, keeping the household going, meeting her friends, and then she had an official life, where she had to represent with elegance and nobility her country and her role. So she went out to the creators of BLESQ, and asked for them to develop a jewel that could accompany her in both life paths. And so this necklace was born: a clever miniature mechanism inspired from the watch making industry, makes it possible for her to always wear it, transforming it from a simply beautiful accessory into a dazzling and complex royal parure.

Every occasion is the perfect occasion for the captivating 113.33 carats of these countless diamonds.

The BLESQ Quality Promise

We want to share more with you than simply extraordinary jewellery and timeless elegance – we want to impart our passion for supreme quality, beauty and sustainability. With every single carefully handcrafted piece from BLESQ.

Founder of BLESQ

Handcrafted in Europe

BLESQ values regional production, trusted partners and fair collaboration.

GIA certified

The four Cs of diamond classification: GIA certification confirms each diamond’s origin and value.


RJC, Kimberley & Cites

Fair mining and trade: strict protective measures for people and the environment.