Our guiding principle

If it doesn’t exist, we’ll invent it.

Do you keep musing over an impossible collectible to get? Do you have your own special luxury dream? One special object, mandate, event, flavour that has not yet been invented? Well – relax, and allow our Bespoke Projects Laboratory specialists to bring it into existence.

To us, creating luxury is an art. It was born and is meant to purposefully surprise and celebrate the uniqueness of its individual recipients, in light of a careful and unwavering understanding of their history, moods and aspirations.

With such ambitions to guide us, the result will always be an outstanding example of pure sensorial fulfilment, timeless craftwork, exquisite quality and materials. So, whenever requesting a tailor-made experience of true luxury from Blesq® – be it jewellery, time pieces, music, paintings, sculptures, a flavour, a fragrance, or anything dear to your heart – just make sure to tell us your own precious story well. Because that is exactly what you will see, hear, feel, touch or hear at the end of the creative journey we will embark on for you.

Bespoke Projects Laboratory

Luxury Masterworks

Craftsart Masterpieces

To enable each wish and dream that is entrusted to us to materialise beautifully and up to our ambitious quality-, life- and culture-loving standards, we have selected a team of trusted and brilliant experts from a kaleidoscopic palette of competencies. According to each objective, our laboratory carefully unfolds, takes shape and pulses with the skills of the different specialists involved each time. And so it happens that depending on your dream, we will guide highly competent industrial engineers, metalsmiths, designers and 3D-animators, as well as composers, watchmakers, engravers, jewellers, leather artisans, all the way to award-winning chefs, kitchen gurus, gifted wine-makers and explorateurs du goût.

At Blesq we deeply know what it means to have an ambitious gift-idea in mind. This is why we set up our own exclusive Bespoke Projects Lab, capable of expressing a truly cultivated creative approach, and delivering a wholesomely integrated luxury design and manufacturing service for the most demanding friends, conoscenti and customers. Just talk to us about your dream: perhaps you wish to have a Grande Complication sûr-mesure, or a special gift to present during a unique celebration, or in occasion of a very significant institutional event… At Blesq we know how to bring your wishes to life. Of course, wrapping, labelling, delivery, flight, presentation cases and logistics will be wholly handled by the discreet professionals at the Bespoke Projects Laboratory. Just contact Blesq for your own, unique, genuine Luxury Masterwork. The sky is the limit.

Whenever a challenge reaches their restless minds and spirits, the creators of Blesq will think it through from all angles, then appoint the house Bespoke Projects Lab to execute it under their direct supervision. The Lab can comfortably plug into the skills and talents of extraordinary Craft Masters, such as Industrial Engineers, 3D-Animators, Composers, Watchmakers, Engravers, Jewellers, Leather Artisans & unlimitedly more. Through the years, these professionals have individually conquered the trust and unbearably high expectations of the Blesq founders and possess the inherent ”DNA” to materialise any of their visions — literally, and accurately. So whenever requesting a tailor-made piece of Crafts or Art from Blesq, be prepared for the surprisingly perfect completion of a highly personalised creative journey. The sky is the limit. Just contact Finerys for your own, unique, genuine Craftsart Masterpiece