Innovation The Akreum family business had already been developing, manufacturing and trading luxury goods and innovative handcrafted products for several generations, when the company's entrepreneurial and pioneering spirit led to the creation of its own unmistakable luxury brand. By uniting tradition with innovation, the Akreum family sought to create an unprecedented symbiosis between haute joaillerie craftsmanship and precision watchmaking. To achieve this ambitious goal, they mustered all their courage, expertise and passion - and BLESQ was born. Destined to be anything other than ordinary and predictable.

Expertise BLESQ diamonds are certainly unique. They are not simply formed in the fires of the Earth's core, but also comply with the many strict quality assurance measures created by our peerless expertise - the BLESQ diamond expertise. Alongside diamonds, BLESQ also specialises in masterpieces, custom-made items of jewellery and the arts of goldsmithing and watchmaking. The family's irrepressible entrepreneurial spirit and insatiable appetite for innovation continue to drive the brand forwards like the gears of a clock: with unwavering precision.

Quality The demands we place on ourselves reflect the expectations of our customers - and the standards they can rightly expect at all times. We must not aim for anything less than perfection in the selection of our precious metals and gems, the work of our experienced master craftsmen and women, and the development of our new design ideas. Our gold standard? No compromises. Particularly when we collaborate with you to create something extraordinary.

Wealthyard Group The foundation of Akreum SA in 1977 was the beginning of a long journey with a passionate goal: to create a modern, transparent and successful company with a keen sense of the spirit of the times. The family succeeded in this, through financial crises, with the readiness for constant change, thinking in generations and diverse know-how.
There was the courage to invest in the watch industry, and in companies with their own expertise in precision mechanics. Over the generations, Akreum SA's expertise, network, and its direct investment portfolio, have steadily expanded to its current diversity. For optimal transparency and due to new legal regulations, the 3rd generation decided around the turn of the millennium to separate the divisions by spin-offs.
Relationships between partners, customers and suppliers that have developed over decades, form the solid and appreciative cornerstone of the company. In 2016, the foundation of Wealthyard Group SA completed the transformation phase. It makes all strategic decisions, cultivates corporate governance and unites the Group companies to form a stable, forward-looking company in the fourth generation.

Corporate Social Responsability Origins BLESQ only works with certified and ethically produced rough diamonds. They are sourced exclusively from countries that respect the requirements of the Kimberly Process and oppose the trade of conflict diamonds.
So we can promise you that every BLESQ diamond is sustainably produced and meets the highest ethical and quality standards.

RJC As a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council, we are committed to respecting human dignity throughout every diamond's journey, from mine, through trade, to sale.
The RJC examines, encourages, and has defined standards for responsible entrepreneurial activity on the protection of human rights, labor rights and environmental protection.
We commit to this care in dealing with man and nature, to offer you a diamond that has no dark side.


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