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24. August 2020

The Orlov Diamond

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The legendary Orlov diamond with a proud 189.62 carats remains a mystery. Either because where the rough diamond was found is unknown or it is the
missing Great Mughal.
Legend has it, that it was the left eye of the Indian deity Brahma and stolen by a mercenary who is said to have sold it in Madras in 1970. However, this has not been proven.

The eponymous owner was Prince Grigory Grigoryevich Orlov, who wanted to regain the favor of Tsarina Catherine II with this stone in 1776.
The tsarina denied him her favor and only had the diamond worked into the golden scepter of the tsar’s house. To this day, the Orlov Diamond adorns the scepter and can be viewed in the permanent armory of the Moscow Kremlin.
It is cut in the Indian rose cut and enchants with 180 facets.

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