Blesq Diamonds
11 April 2019

Our light

We’d like to share our passion and expertise for diamonds with you, which is why we’ve created the Blesq diamonds blog – read on for gripping tales and exciting news about the most precious gemstone on Earth.

Lesedi La Rona, the name of the most expensive diamond in the world, which was brought to light in Botswana at the end of 2015. At a competition, the locals gave him this name, as he simply carried the coordinates of the mine Karowe AK6.

With his 1109 Carat, he is, since 1905 the largest rough diamond, which was found. It was sold, after a failed auction by Sotheby’s, for about 45 million dollars to the jeweler Laurence Graff.

The Blesq diamonds are also unique pieces of the highest quality, you will be inspired to find your light, in your personal sensational stone.