Blesq Diamonds
05 August 2019

Emerald - Green Love

We’d like to share our passion and expertise for diamonds with you, which is why we’ve created the Blesq diamonds blog – read on for gripping tales and exciting news about the most precious gemstone on Earth.

Its name, comes from his deep green color and is derived from the Greek word, smaragdos, which means “green gem”. He belongs to the family of beryl stones and is the most important gemstone amongst them. It owes its color to trace amounts of chromium, iron, and vanadium – trapped in the formation.

Similar to diamonds, the emerald has a broad color palette which ranges from pastel to deep green, with intensely colored stones having higher value. In contrast to diamonds, impairment of inclusions are considered to be normal in emeralds and are referred to as Jardin (French for garden).

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