Blesq Diamonds
15 February 2019

Diamond Mining -
A Rocky Road Part 1

We’d like to share our passion and expertise for diamonds with you, which is why we’ve created the Blesq diamonds blog – read on for gripping tales and exciting news about the most precious gemstone on Earth.

Global Diamond Mining

Within a century, the hard labor of mining by hand, has evolved into industry where hi-tech machinery performs the hard work. However, only little hardness has been lost.

Worldwide there are about 500 significant sites, where a few of them are really profitable for the industrial mining of rough diamonds. The most important mining regions are Russia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola, Botswana and Canada. In addition to Australia, other African countries, small parts of South America and the People’s Republic of China also play a role – with China providing very little support, but leading synthetic diamond production ahead of America, Russia and Ireland.

In 2017, some 150 million carats – worth some 16 billion US dollars – were produced worldwide: 35% in Russia, 22% in Botswana, 14% in Canada, 8% in Angola, 7% in South Africa, 5% in Namibia and 3% in Australia. More than 180 million carats were forecast for 2018.