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12 August 2019

Cullinan - The largest diamond in the world.

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In 1905, an absolute sensation was uncovered in the Premier Mine in South Africa. The largest diamond in the world, found by Frederick Wells, delivered a whopping 3,106.7 carats on the scales. The Cullinan owes his name to the mine owner, Sir Thomas Cullinan, who in 1907
gifted him to the British King, Edward VII for his birthday.

The Asscher Brothers in Amsterdam were to work on this sensational discovery and failed at the beginning of the cleaving process because the giant withstood the tool. Eventually, they managed to split him into three gems. Nine large diamonds were cut into crown jewels, and among them are the well-known Cullinan I-IV diamonds.

In addition, 96 smaller diamonds were created, moreover, 9.6 carats of rough diamonds remained. The crown jewels are exhibited in the Tower of London, and can be visited.

Even today, for the opening of Parliament, in the Imperial State Crown, individual stones, such as the “Star of Africa” can be seen.