Blesq Diamonds
8 October 2019

Cullinan III and IV

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The Second Star of Africa is the second largest diamond created after the split of the world’s largest diamond. He too, like the other nine big diamonds, is part of the British Crown Jewels. He received a cushion-shaped cut and impressed with an incredible value of 317.4 carats. Since his elaborate editing, he graces the Imperial State Crown of Great Britain.

Cullinan III-IX, although smaller in size, is still of impressive size with 94.4 Ct (Cullinan III) and 63.3 Ct (Cullinan IV). The drop-shaped Cullinan III and the square Cullinan IV were incorporated in 1911 in the crown of Queen Mary, but were also worn as a brooch. Queen Elizabeth likes to show off the diamonds on public occasions, giving them the affectionate nickname ”Granny’s Chips”.