Blesq Diamonds
20 May 2019

RJC Dignity & Transparency

We’d like to share our passion and expertise for diamonds with you, which is why we’ve created the Blesq diamonds blog – read on for gripping tales and exciting news about the most precious gemstone on Earth.

Over the centuries, gold and diamonds have been associated with exploitation, slavery, and child labor. Since 2005, the Responsible Jewelery Council has been committed to transparency and human dignity. The RJC is an association of jewelery and gold entrepreneurs who have worked in a non-profit association for responsible entrepreneurship, developing standards for trade and certification. Among other things, the RJC is fighting for the observance of human rights, environmental protection, and the abolition of child and forced labor.

Of course, we as a voluntary member of RJC, guarantee that all materials in our BLESQ jewelry, from mine to sale, were created under fair conditions.

With this certificate we can offer you a BLESQ diamond that has no dark side.