Blesq Diamonds
09 September 2019

4 Cs - Diamond Classification

We’d like to share our passion and expertise for diamonds with you, which is why we’ve created the Blesq diamonds blog – read on for gripping tales and exciting news about the most precious gemstone on Earth.

Since the 1940s, diamonds have been classified under the famous Four Cs to determine their value.

Carat, Color, Clarity, and Cut.

Carat, describes the weight of a diamond and is the most important parameter in determining its value. 1 carat equals 0.2 grams.
Color, is divided into colored diamonds using a scale from faint (weak) to fancy (intense colors). The color quality of white to yellow stones is judged by means of an international scale from D “colorless” to Z “tinted”.
Clarity, corresponds to the purity of the diamond. This documents inclusions (e.g., clouds, spots, and feathers). The division ranges from flawless (FL) to piqué (P) – inclusions.
Cut, is classified from Excellent (EX) to Poor (P). It is the handwriting of the master craftsman whose hands, he has traversed

Each cut depends on the personality of each diamond, and must be perfectly tailored to it. Only then, can his carat be preserved and his unique beauty assumed. The cut is a supreme discipline that completes the diamond in all its brilliance.