Sugarloaf Ruby cufflinks

18k white gold – All specifications

Sugarloaf Ruby cufflinks

CHF 19'800

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Pair of cufflinks, in 18k white gold, set with 2 sugarloaf-cut Rubies, 8.23 ct

The crème de la crème Blesq’s Must-Have Pieces are breathtakingly beautiful items of jewellery that radiate undeniable charisma. The sourcing of our precious metals and gemstones begins with the strict selection of our partners. We only collaborate with certified companies that leave absolutely no room for compromise when it comes to quality and ethical considerations.

Creativity and craftsmanship: the origins of perfection The transformation of raw materials into Blesq jewellery is not a linear process, but rather an act of symbiosis. Creative minds and skilled hands work together seamlessly, forming the ideal foundation for exquisite beauty to emerge. Before your own personal narrative is immortalised in an item of Blesq jewellery, your chosen piece will already embody a short but proud origin story.

Zeit für Design Our superb jewellery collections always capture the spirit of the times. We don’t blindly follow trends, yet always have our finger on the pulse. But what really makes our jewellery so exceptional is its fearless individuality. Our timeless designs not only own the moment, but also captivate future generations. Trends come and go. Perfection is forever.

The Blesq Quality Promise

We want to share more with you than simply extraordinary jewellery and timeless elegance – we want to impart our passion for supreme quality, beauty and sustainability. With every single carefully handcrafted piece from Blesq.

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Handcrafted in Europe

Blesq values regional production, trusted partners and fair collaboration.

GIA certified

The four Cs of diamond classification: GIA certification confirms each diamond’s origin and value.


RJC, Kimberley & Cites

Fair mining and trade: strict protective measures for people and the environment.