Buy diamonds as a sustainable investment BLESQ Diamonds offers you exceptional investment diamonds of the highest quality. Every piece, unique and exclusively GIA certified, perfectly rounds off your investment portfolio. Your private investment goes above & beyond, building an emotional legacy that will outlast generations.
Our expertise is top-class. We are the specialists for high caliber, flawless to internally flawless quality diamonds, and are at your disposal for the development of your Diamant portfolio.
Jewellery design according to your personal wishes Our designers create an exclusive piece of jewellery unique to your wishes – capturing your emotion within its individuality. Made of gold, platinum, and diamonds of the highest quality, we manufacture for you, a tailor-made piece of jewellery in its perfect design.
As an expert in high-quality sustainable high jewellery, we also offer you the opportunity to incorporate your investment diamond within a piece.
High-quality diamond jewellery in masterly designs Stands for the high-quality diamond jewellery collections of our brand. Every one of our extraordinary pieces of jewellery is handmade by our experts in Switzerland and Europe. Blesq Jewellery - Made in Europe.

In our jewellery, we process only the finest materials, such as gold, platinum, diamonds, and high-quality sustainably sourced gemstones.

Distinctive designs, perfectly shaped pieces of jewellery made of sustainable materials, and timeless beauty – that is the signature of our designers.