Those who draw inspiration from history are compelled to write their own.

Born from innovative traditions

The Akreum family business had already been developing, manufacturing and trading luxury goods and innovative handcrafted products for several generations, when the company’s entrepreneurial and pioneering spirit led to the creation of its own unmistakable luxury brand. By uniting tradition with innovation, the Akreum family sought to create an unprecedented symbiosis between haute joaillerie craftsmanship and precision watchmaking. To achieve this ambitious goal, they mustered all their courage, expertise and passion – and Blesq was born. Destined to be anything other than ordinary and predictable.

Allure, expertise and dazzling diamonds

Blesq diamonds are certainly unique. They are not simply formed in the fires of the Earth’s core, but also comply with the many strict quality assurance measures created by our peerless expertise – the Blesq diamond expertise. Alongside diamonds, Blesq also specialises in masterpieces, custom-made items of jewellery and the arts of goldsmithing and watchmaking. The family’s irrepressible entrepreneurial spirit and insatiable appetite for innovation continue to drive the brand forwards like the gears of a clock: with unwavering precision.




“Technically, every work of art comes into being in the same way as the cosmos – by means of catastrophes, which ultimately create out of the cacophony of the various instruments that symphony we call the music of the spheres. The creation of the work of art is the creation of the world.” – Wassily Kandinsky. We don’t claim to actually create the world with every new Blesq piece – as wonderful as this quote is – nevertheless, we are proud to continually produce jewellery that truly stands out, even in the highly competitive luxury goods market.

The demands we place on ourselves reflect the expectations of our customers – and the standards they can rightly expect at all times. We must not aim for anything less than perfection in the selection of our precious metals and gems, the work of our experienced master craftsmen and women, and the development of our new design ideas. Our gold standard? No compromises. Particularly when we collaborate with you to create something extraordinary.

We value time, because we can learn from it, we can choose how to use it and, as people and as a company, we love the bittersweet character of fleeting moments – when absolute existence and transience are united in the same fraction of a second and have to battle for supremacy. That’s why we love those moments when something is born that doesn’t appear bound by the laws of time – and is therefore destined to last forever.

Get inspired, get in touch

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