Blesq Abyssal Ring

Only at second glance does this unique ring made from 18 carat red gold reveal its elegant, ocean-dwelling creature – All specifications

Blesq Abyssal Ring

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Unique – from the moment they are conceived.

The height of beauty – from the depths of the ocean. Only at second glance does this unique ring made from 18 carat red gold reveal its elegant, ocean-dwelling creature. This graceful and charming octopus was dreamt up and crafted by our master goldsmiths. The utterly flawless Blesq Abysmal ring gently hugs your finger, while securely holding the brilliant-cut amethysts in its strong tentacles, where it will keep them safe for eternity.

Master Pieces

Like no other


The brilliant minds behind these very special pieces of jewellery are dedicated to handcrafted perfection and embody the spirit of innovation. They invent new forms of grace and elegance, or draw inspiration from the abstract beauty of nature. Yet their ideas are not subject to any laws, natural or otherwise. They routinely push boundaries, so that each finished masterpiece is imbued with its own unique story of creation.

We are constantly searching for beauty beyond compare, for perfection, for anything that enchants us and captures our imaginations. And although we find what we are looking for, our quest is never-ending. Not because our discoveries are not perfect enough, but because they are so unbelievably unique. And we strive to find uniqueness over and over again – in people, artwork and stories – and if it doesn’t exist, we create it ourselves.

Thousands of events, from the seemingly trivial to the tremendous, were essential to this narrative, which culminates in that special moment when a unique masterpiece gently caresses your neck or your wrist, embraces your finger or kisses your ear. At every turn, fate has ensured that you will be united with this masterpiece. And now finally, the moment has arrived – in the possession of its one true owner, this exquisite item of jewellery is now complete.

The Blesq Quality Promise

We want to share more with you than simply extraordinary jewellery and timeless elegance – we want to impart our passion for supreme quality, beauty and sustainability. With every single carefully handcrafted piece from Blesq.

Founder of Blesq

Handcrafted in Europe

Blesq values regional production, trusted partners and fair collaboration.

GIA certified

The four Cs of diamond classification: GIA certification confirms each diamond’s origin and value.


RJC, Kimberley & Cites

Fair mining and trade: strict protective measures for people and the environment.


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